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Brakes and Suspension

Brakes and Suspension are one of the most critical areas of your vehicle as they control the way the wheels and tyres interact with the road and as such need to be kept in good condition. We find suspension is one of the most common areas for WOF fails. Offering a wide variety of parts options we can keep your car safe and reliable, all at an affordable price.

At Avanti we aim to give our clients an honest appraisal of their braking system, will will always measure brake pad depths and assess brake rotors to give you a fair expectation on what life you we expect your brakes to have. 

We can supply a huge range of brake parts to suit most vehicles and budgets, however with brakes being such a critical safety component we will only fit parts that meet our minimum criteria. 

Have you started to hear a knock or a creak every now and then? This is usually the first sign of a suspension component failing, don't leave it to long to get checked, give one of the team call to discuss any issues you have before they develop to far. 

We're always on hand for a chat or any concerns you have with your car, give the team a call! 

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Brakes and Suspension: Service
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